Rzewuski's Manuscript

The original copy of this beautiful manuscript consists of 352 pages and 218,000 words contains 65 charming sketches of the Count and more than 100 other illustrations.
Beautifully handwritten and illustrated old manuscript "Sur les Chevaux Orientaux et provenants des Races Orientales" or Horses From East Oriental Races by Count Waclaw Rzewuski's with authors' illustrations of Arabic culture: horses, historical maps of Arabia, music notations, calligraphy and handwritten marginalia. There’re a lot of portraits of Bedouin tribes in Arabia, its history, customs, culture and excellent description of the unique nomadic lifestyle.
It also contains detailed descriptions of Arabian race horses and methods of training them. There are also included notes, of Bedouin music 200 years old, as well as a list of tribes in Arabia. Today the Rzewuski’s manuscript is the heritage of the Arabian horse, a unique source of information for anyone interested in it. It is a rich compendium of the culture, geography and history of the Near East. The book also includes various aspects of Arabic culture and this is why it remains a significant
and inspiring source of information for historians, orientalists and even artists. The manuscript is written in French and is one of the rarest treasures of The National Library of Poland.

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