The Manuscriptum Publishing House adopts a unique, avantgarde approach to publishing that combines tradition with modernity, building on the cultural heritage of the entire world. Our jewel adorned books are exceptional and unique works of art, not just mere reproductions. They include rare bibliophilic manuscripts, incunables and other unique literary rarities of a historical and financial value. The pages of centuries-old originals reveal knowledge that has frequently impacted the history of the world, altered the fate of entire nations and affected the collective consciousness of the mankind, inspiring people to change and develop. But as time has no mercy on them, they are closely guarded in universities and national libraries, accessed only by researchers and scholars. The Manuscriptum Publishing House dares to replicate them in an excellent quality, covering them with jeweled bindings to emphasize their value and unique character of the written word.

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Nicolaus Copernicus

One of the first unique master pieces published by Manuscriptum is “De Revolutionibus” a facsimile of the famous Nicolaus Copernicus’s manuscript. The book is decorated with 320 gemstones! (1 meteorite - Mounionalusta, turquoise, coral, malachite, lapis lazuli, sunstone and Swarovski crystals). The cover is entirely adorned with silver or precious 24-carat gold. In 1999, this Poland’s most valuable manuscript was added to the UNESCO “Memory of the World” list and has been kept at the Jagiellonian Library in Krakow.





Leonardo da Vinci

This year, we were honored to publish one of the most spectacular publishing projects in the world. First one, Leonardo da Vinci manuscript called "Codex Leicester"; the most expensive manuscript of the world belonged to Bill Gates. Manuscript primarily focuses on Da Vinci's thoughts relating to water and the relationship between the Moon, the Earth and the Sun.





unknown author

Following publishing position is "The Voynich Manuscript", an illustrated codex hand-written in an unknown language which has been studied by many professional and amateur cryptographers, but still remains one of the most famous case in the history of cryptography. The mystery of the meaning and origin of the manuscript has excited the popular imagination, making the manuscript the subject of novels and speculation.

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