Facsimile of the Manuscript

It's been 200 years since Rzewuski wrote down a fascinating story of Arabian horse breeding. To mark the occasion, the Manuscriptum Publishing House took the effort to create a faithful, scientific copy (in the form of Jewelry Book) of the most beautiful of the 3 volumes.This precious facsimile features a cover adornedwith numerous gold and gem stones, emphasizing the value of the original. The facsimile of the Rzewuski’s manuscript can be a real gem for anyone who appreciates the unique souvenirs of the world’s cultural heritage.


Limited edition - 200 copies

Paper – 100 grams ribbed Fabriano, 60 grams bulked paper

Pages – 169, plus maps

Binding - 24 carat gold; natural stones (36 Garnet Stones; 12 Swarovski Crystals; 12 Lapis Lazuli; 20 Carnelian Stones, 1 Stone)

The set - wooden box, linen sack, gloves, hand numbered notarial certificate of authenticity

Entered in the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for M. ST. WARSAW IN WARSAW, XII ECONOMIC DEPARTMENT OF THE NATIONAL COURT REGISTER entered under the number KRS 0000654355

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